Every year, thousands of Florida residents suffer financial losses as a result of a fire, windstorm or other cause. In many cases, the owners of homes, condominiums or rental units can resolve their property damage claims in a timely and satisfactory manner.

However, some insurers may dispute the value of a property damage claim, take a long time to review the claim, or offer an inadequate settlement that does not cover the actual damages.

The property damage attorneys at the law firm of Larry Moskowitz, PA can help you settle your claim more quickly, so that you can begin moving ahead with your life.

If an insurance company refuses to pay a property damage claim that should be paid or offers to settle a claim for less than it knows the claim is worth or denies a claim without adequate investigation, our attorneys can help protect your rights – at no cost to you.

Our property damage lawyers can help you settle your claim more quickly and receive greater compensation, so that you can begin moving ahead with your life.

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