Helping to Fight Against CITIZENS Property Insurance Company

From Unjust Rate Increases

Our legal team helps homeowners who have you received notices of increased
homeowner insurance rates as a result of faulty home inspections by CITIZENS
Property Insurance Company. If Citizens Property Insurance Company inspected
your home in the past FIVE YEARS and increased you premium based on that
inspection, the lawyers of Dawson & Moskowitz will fight for you and protect
your rights.

If you have Citizens Property Insurance – Your home could have been one of
their 228,603 home inspections resulting in INCREASED PREMIUMS in 74%
of the inspections performed. That’s right!169,166 homeowners have had their
premiums increased already by Citizens (source: Miami Herald Sunday August
12, 2012). This is the reason you should check your insurance bill and call
Dawson & Moskowitz.

We will send our law firm’s home experts to your residence free of charge. If
you’ve had your homeowners’ insurance premiums increased due to an inspection
during the last FIVE YEARS, Dawson & Moskowitz will represent you. We will
help you to recover the monies that have been wrongfully charged to you – We
will not charge you Fees or Costs ever. If we prevail, Citizens will pay our fees
and costs under Florida law.

If you have a claim Against Citizens, we will represent you

Attorneys Joseph Dawson and Larry Moskowitz have spent the past 25 years
fighting the insurance companies on behalf of homeowners. Our law firm will
provide experts who will re-inspect your home at no charge to you. If you have a
claim we will represent you

Florida Law requires that Citizens Property Insurance Company pay our fees

Under Florida law, if we represent you and prevail in court, Citizens will pay our
fees and costs. If you are the unfortunate victim of greedy insurance companies,
you can take comfort in knowing that one of our attorneys is handling your case
with great expertise.

PROPERTY & CAUSUALTY are among the many

These insurance companies have a history of rate increases. We have the
experience of fighting big insurance companies on behalf of homeowners. If your
home has been re-inspected during the last five years, and your rate increased as a
result we may be able to help you. Call or e-mail us using the form below.